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 Miken's Sprite Shop

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PostSubject: Miken's Sprite Shop   Fri Aug 10, 2012 1:42 am

Welcome to my spriting shop!

Forms are inside the spoilers as well. I'd like it if no one used my palettes other than myself.
I've had problems in the past with people stealing them without my knowing. So, please don't do that!
Anyways, thanks for looking here ^^ I'll update as often as I can with new palettes or new sprite types.

*I can make sprites transparent by request!*

*I may or may not add hand drawn pokemon to the list later on. I gotta work on my pokemon anatomy :3*

.: Palettes :.

.: Fusions :.

.: Devamps :.

.: Inverts :. (Not like MS inverts: No white outline.)
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Miken's Sprite Shop
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